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Rockwood Films

About Us

Rockwood Films was set up by entrepreneur, investor and actor Luke Dejahang with the aim to develop, produce and showcase British films. Our films observe and celebrate our diverse communities and venture into challenging and often difficult subject matter. Our aim is to create drama that inspires a deeper understanding of one another and ultimately more compassion within our communities.

During a time when independent films exploring challenging social themes are increasingly difficult to green light, it is Luke’s passion and ambition to be a part of the effort and to collaborate with other talented film-makers to get these stories made.

The Team

The People of Rockwood Films

Luke Dejahang_Gallery 3_3000x2000.png
Luke Dejahang 

CEO/Executive Producer

Steve Charalambous


Andy Craig_Head Shot_3000x2000.png
Andy Craig


Deborah Sheppard.jpg
Deborah Sheppard 

Production, Marketing & Distribution

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